IMPORTANT UPDATE Due to Covid-19, the 2020 Kingston Kids Triathlon is unfortunately cancelled. Refunds are currently being processed. We hope to see everyone again on June 19th, 2021. Have a safe and active summer.




Here is the checklist for your child:


Show up on time and get your bike into transition on time (preferably Friday between 4pm-7pm)

Swim Suit

Swim Goggles (optional)

2 Towels: One to stand on, One to dry off with

Bike and Helmet

Clip in Bike Shoes are allowed for participants born in 2005 - 2006

Running Shoes (2 pairs: one in transition and one to wear around beforehand)

Sunscreen (before number marking)

Bib for Running Shirt (in registration bag)

Bike Plate (in registration bag; attach to front of bike with zip ties)

Timing Chip (goes around your ankle). Distributed Saturday morning only during swim marshalling.

Body Marking (Saturday morning only, after sunscreen)

Read the Rules to avoid disqualification

Remember how many laps  for the swim, bike, and run.



Even though you have registered you still need to check in on Friday evening or Saturday morning to get your:


Race Bib (in registration bag) for your running shirt or race belt

Race Plate for bike (in registration bag)

Timing Chip (Saturday morning, before swim wave)

Body Marking on arms and legs (yes, just like the professionals) (Saturday morning only)


Only the bikes are checked in Friday night so bring your transition gear Saturday morning.



  • Must be registered and checked-in.
  • Helmets must be CSA approved and chin straps should be snug to avoid the helmet from sliding.
  • Must have body marking and timing chip.
  • Any stroke is permitted during the swim. LIfe jackets and pool noodles can be used.
  • Training wheels and push bikes are allowed. Children born in 2014 and earlier will be cycling on the road. There are some declines where the child must be proficient in using their brakes. Over-dependence on training wheels could lead to injury.
  • Clip-in pedals are not allowed except for participants born in 2005 and 2006. Pedals with a cage or over-foot webbing are not allowed.
  • Foot pegs (on BMX bikes) must be removed.
  • Bicycles with Aerobars are not permitted.
  • Kickstands must be removed or taped up.
  • After leaving the swim area participants can run to and through transition. They must always walk when in possession of their bike in transition.
  • Only participants and volunteers are allowed in the transition area once the race begins. Parents cannot assist in anyway during the race or the participant will be disqualified.
  • Swimmers must walk on pool deck upon exiting the pool. Running on ramp into transition is allowed.
  • Participants must walk their bike within the transition area. They must mount and dismount their bicycle in the designated area on Alfred Street.
  • Helmets must be fastened prior to the participant receiving the bike from the rack and remain fastened until the bike is re-racked.
  • Participants should not intentionally draft behind others on the bike course; they should not follow another rider too closely.
  • Participants will be disqualified if they go across the center line on the road; road barrels are in place to help separate the cyclists and traffic. Ride on the inner lane only.
  • Race bibs must be worn on the front during the run so we can accurately track laps.
  • In the event of rule uncertainty or ambiguity the Race Director’s decision will be final.



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